Spotlight On Heart Failure
Spotlight on Heart Failure aims to unite patients, public and clinical providers in order to educate them about sign and symptoms of heart failure
So, You Want To Learn About Heart Health?
There is a common misconception that all people who experience heart failure (HF) are old, out-of-shape, have bad diets or come from a family with a genetic predisposition to heart problems. This simply isn’t true.
Are You Living With Heart Failure?
The term ‘heart failure’ (HF), put simply, means that your heart is not quite working properly. It reads like the heart will just stop and give up, but that’s not the case. It’s understandable to be worried by a diagnosis of heart failure, but our mission is to arm you with the best information possible around your condition.
Is Heart Failure Affecting Someone You Care About?
Chronic heart failure (HF) is for life, but it doesn’t have to define the lives of you and your loved one. Awareness of symptoms and keeping on top of lifestyle changes can help you and your loved one live life to the fullest.
Keep track of your heart failure symptoms
Keeping on top of your symptoms is an important part of managing heart failure. Many people with health conditions can come to accept symptoms as part of their life. But keeping track of your symptoms and discussing them with your doctor is important. It can help maintain your quality of life or alert your doctor to signs that your heart failure may be worsening.


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